#UK2BK The Over Night [@themusicsuper]

9 October 2014 BLOG Special Programming

uk2bkIt’s not often we get the privilege of having one of our international broadcasters live with us in studio, so when opportunity presents itself we take advantage. @Carminelitta of the #WWOC was in town and delivered her show live on air following TK in The AM twice but that wasn’t enough. I asked her if she’d like to team up and curate a late night, over-night playlist just to show what us AM broadcasters know about horizontal dance tunes. She accepted my invite, thus #UK2BK “The Over Night” was born. CognacTime with Coole High was our lead in and let’s just say the listeners were more than satisfied with what we prepared for them. So satisfied there were request that not only we do it again, but perhaps it should be every night. We’re glad The Over Night was well received. As for it being a regular nightly situation that’s not finna happen but we won’t rule out the possibility of a monthly interpretation being on the table. Stay tuned.

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