Tranquil Beats by Ankhle Conscious ‘themusicsuper’

31 May 2016 BLOG Special Programming


1. Who are you? / Describe what has influenced you to become who you are? I’m a creative. An artist of many facets. A connector and sharer of overall good energy. I am also station manager at Bondfire Radio. You can call me Anhkle Conscious ‘the music super’ co-host and music supervisor of TK in The AM. Life and an interest in being my greatest self has influenced me to become the student of life that I am. There’s power in music as well, whether you create it or share it. Vibes.

2. How was this particular selection born? ( Its roots/ some of the featured artists on your list)
A lot of what I do artistically is in the space of stream of conscious, in the moment creation. So with the selections for the month of May I chose the same approach in choosing audio to playlist. The depth of what a tranquil soundscape can be is pretty vast. Many directions to go in. I went for ambient and spacey. Some noise. From lo-fi through to meditative instrumentation and live performance. Introducing some producers and arrangers that people likely haven’t heard of from around the globe and just for good measure the legend, Brian Eno. A short list of artists included in May’s installment of Tranquil Beats are Øuzel, Armando Letico, Rob Stebbing, Kyriakos ioannou, Paul Robb, Nils Frahm, DuttyPrude, Memimo Tuati, Ambiente, OBESØN. There are so many more. Way too many to list here.

3. What are some of the main challenges you find today in finding beats/instrumentals? /How do you navigate through today’s climate online/vinyl etc?
The only challenge I can say there is comes with the sheer fact that there is so much music to investigate, so you can’t ever hear it all. You have to ration your time between studying what’s already been around for ages and getting acclimated with the influx of new that’s ever changing. I could be pulling music and see a track added to Soundcloud eight minutes ago and now it makes it’s way into rotation. For May’s selection mostly everything was excavated from the digital realm. A good portion selected from Bandcamp, inspiration from Youtube and accessing my mental archive for notes on what records I should include. Sucks that David Axelrod didn’t make it. Perhaps next time.

4. How do you see the beat scene/ instrumental scene/ production scene evolving?
There’s innovation happening from the production lab to the dance floor. Implementation of tried an true techniques in the creation stage for many producers while testing the latest gear in live spaces and incorporating different elements to engage more of listeners senses besides obviously their ears. Welcoming change, technology and being true to one’s own creative process is a part of this evolution online and off.

5. What is the most important thing you listen for when you search for new gems?
Uniqueness. You can hear when an artist is being true. We’re all influenced by other creators. It’s nearly impossible not to be. But it’s apparent when a producer has found their space in this sound landscape and is channeling all their divine energies into something we can tune into. Voices I haven’t heard or at least approach in a different and genuine way is what I’m looking for.

Tranquil Beats – Monday through Friday, 9-10AM EST and Midnight till 1AM EST

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