Today is #givingTuesday

1 December 2015 BLOG

deshae_correctionIt’s important to highlight those tried and true supporters of our movements. Individuals who give wholeheartedly. Proactive members of grassroots missions who help to pour the cement for our foundations could care less if a little bit splashes on their boots.

Today we introduce you to Deshae, a Bondfire Radio member who saw the vision long before our station became a physical reality. In the accompanying image Deshae’s testimonial reveals why he chose to become a #PowerPatron. A great example of ‘Real People’ in action who help to make what we do possible. We are people powered. Sustainability through community is what continues to assist us in programming Real Radio, For Real People, as well as every action we pursue to positively effect lives, online and off. We are radio and much more.

If you’d like to become a patron and official member of Bondfire Radio,  join our campaign on Patreon today for a minimum contribution of $2 a month. We’ve also just opened our online shop with a growing selection of Bondfire merch and unique one of a kind items. Patrons get discounts! If you’re not quite ready to become a member but would like to contribute to the movement, visit our Support Bondfire Radio page and click the image that says donate on the upper right corner.