#SexySessions Part I & II

13 February 2015 BLOG Special Programming


Creating special programming is one of the things we love most about having our own radio station. With total control of content, if we decide we want to develop a one off program, invite some amazing folks to the studio and share an experience with you unlike none other, we can. So, what happens when you gather an eclectic group of creatives on the eve of Valentine’s Day weekend? Well you make broadcasting history of course and also have an excuse to create a new hashtag.

#SexySessions comes in two parts. “The Live Reading” with Abigail Ekue (author/photographer) and Ashley Young (writer/feminist/LGBT) sharing prose and poetry pieces ranging from sensual to erotic followed by the “Music Section” curated by Conscious(TKinTheAM), Carminelitta(WWOC) and Bondfire listeners. With special co-host Aura Dynamo.