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Open Mike Eagle – Celebrity Reduction Prayer (prod. Oddisee) Video

5 May 2015 BLOG

I’ll keep it brief, I know your time is precious.

This year thus far Hip-hop has given us some definite extremes musically. I thank you Kendrick Lamar Duckworth and Aubrey Drake Graham for your contributions. To Pimp A Butterfly speaks to me. I’ll go as far to say it speaks to and for millions, even those who aren’t really listening. But, it’s heavy. Way heavy. And dark. I can’t keep hitting full LP repeat. Breaks for processing are necessary. Pause. Un-pause. Now, enter Drake. A guy I’ve hardly ever listened to on purpose. He drops If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Randomly I listen. I dig. I can relate. No really, I can. But again, I can’t listen to this “Allday”. So what do I do? [Kanye shrug…] Okay, now what do I do next?

The way people chatter you might believe there was not a drop of ‘good’ music to listen to anymore (sorry California). Mind you these are the same people who once shunned Spotify because New York’s ambassador Taylor Swift had beef with the service, shortly after Jay-Z assembles (in Kick-Ass fashion) an unbalanced team of music misfits who non-violently storm plantation TIDAL, in order to ‘buy’ it and continue keeping the grounds. But I digress…

Open Mike Eagle presents a wonderfully orchestrated musical thought piece with Celebrity Reduction Prayer produced by Oddisee. Let’s be incredibly cliche right now and say it is in fact infectious. The most awesome thing though is that it doesn’t end with just a great song to add to your playlist. Of course, the people need visuals. It’s video is (prepare for another cliche) a beautiful work of art. I won’t dissect the meaning behind Celebrity Reduction Prayer, that’s for you to do or not. I just want you to listen and watch, especially if you too are stuck between extremes because this one’s a winner. This one’s extremely good.

As far as being brief, well…

The Music Super

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