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OG Recounts Personal Experience at Allied Media Conference 2018

2 July 2018 BLOG

Interactive, conversational and inspiring describes my experience at the 20th annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit, Michigan at Wayne State University. Alongside me were my Bondfire Radio crew where who contributed to the festival capturing the LIVE moments on our podcast radio show “TK in the AM”, chatting with some people whom it may have been their first time and some who have experienced the event throughout the years and facilitating workshops that informing like minded media creatives on building structure within radio.

Attending a few workshops conversing about major issues such as humanity, society and media added to my perspective. I learned to utilize digital mediums for a greater cause in for addressing issues in my community, raising awareness and creating plans of actions. Topics like sustaining community within black culture, transforming family photos to build social change and the art of interviewing to tell the story you want; left me with food for thought, adding to my will to continue using digital tools as a means to change our narratives that builds and create social change. The thought of attending another year and more at the Allied Media Conference is a no-brainer.