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Brooklyn Arts Council Supports 2nd Annual BFR Audio Festival

24 March 2015 BLOG

If you knew the harrowing tale of the day Bondfire Radio submitted our very first grant proposal ever to the Brooklyn Arts Council you would know why there’s an extra layer of happiness that comes with being a 2015 BAC Grantee. We all had our hands in this proposal, from writing, proofreading, budgeting, speeding down Flatbush Ave and RUNNING up to the office to get our application in at 5:55pm on the due date.

Actually listen to TK of our flagship morning show, “TK in the AM” tell the story….

O.K. So fast forward to actually being selected. Yay! Cause… YAY!!!

It was such an honor to be selected with so many other amazing Brooklyn based artist and arts organizations and be part of the very real effort that the BAC and Borough President Eric Adams makes to include a diverse cross section of artists from ALL parts of the borough. It wasn’t like one guy went home with a giant circus check, instead about 150 artists get to put on events all over Brooklyn and we’re one of them.

Our event will the 2nd Annual Bondfire Radio Audio Festival, a two day marathon event with live programming, panels, music, vendors and more open to the public and airing live online for your listening pleasure. You will be able to visit us, meet our broadcasters, guests, loyal listeners, enjoy quality programming and diverse entertainment created by real people.

This year with the help of the Brooklyn Arts Council’s Community Arts Fund grant we will be able to procure a more ideal location than the basement studio that we TOTALLY rocked out last year for our first festival. Costs don’t stop here, we have 16 slots for those that would like to be sponsors on ANY level to help become part of a our new media legacy. If you would like to become a community partner in the 2nd Annual Bondfire Radio Audio Festival, please contact us HERE.

In talking to all the amazing artist grantees last night we are certain that creating, owning, and sustaining our art and media is so important. We look forward to collaborating with folks like Made in Brownsville, The Forum, Women Beatmakers Conference, The Sonic Room, Green Earth Poets Cafe, and more!!

Thank you first and always to all of the listeners for enjoying our programming and pushing us to go further. Thank you to the Brooklyn Arts Council and all of the agencies involved in making sure a fair representation of art is displayed and made in our great borough.