Bondfire Radio is an interactive live stream network providing a unique blend of entertainment and valuable information for its listeners. Continuing the tradition of the Bondfire mic-open series, Bondfire Radio provides business owners and talent alike with access to a brand new audience while building strong community and a new virtual space in which to express creativity. We believe that radio should be a fruitful relationship between listeners and hosts. Our programming represents the diverse tastes of our audience. We don’t promote boundaries or divisions between our listenership, and we don’t promote boundaries or divisions within our programming by limiting ourselves with genres. We consider ourselves a home for all music, all formats, and all people. Real radio, for real people.

Bondfire Radio was founded by a partnership of freelancers and entrepreneurs who wanted to fill a need in the community. Like us, the majority of our listeners are also small business owners, artists, writers, and traditional nine to fivers with entrepreneurial aspirations and a strong appreciation of the arts. Based in East Flatbush, part of our mission is to remain and thrive in our community while supporting other local businesses and helping them to thrive along with us. We are also dedicated to the betterment of our society at large. We wish to see positive growth and development of neighborhoods beyond Brooklyn and New York City. “Team Bondfire,” our community outreach initiative, has been established to further put this doctrine into practice by creating a collaboration of Bondfire Radio hosts, staff members, and listeners as we serve our community.




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