Tranquil Beats: Magnit Handz

7 March 2017 BLOG Tranquil Beats

1. Who are you? / Describe what has influenced you to become who you are?
My name is Deshae Clark a.k.a. Magnit Handz and what has influenced me to become who I am as a producer/artist was DOOM. I’ve had previous influences and still have them as I was going under the Name Shae Boogie. When I turned 22 that’s when I decided to listen to DOOM. I hear Accordion By Madvillain and that forever changed how I saw Hip Hop. DOOM made it more than ok to be myself and not care who was watching or listening. It was about showing my skills and going in, no matter what element of Hip Hop I participate in. Madlib is the same way. Madlib just does what he wants and I’m a big fan of any person who has that amount of courage to stand up against what is popular or supposed to be the trend. 9th Wonder is a big influence in who I am. I’ve done a lot of research on culture thanks to him. Watching movies like The Rubble Kings, really getting to know my producer family tree (way more than I knew) I’ve been listening to anything with 9th Wonder since I was 19, I’m now 30 so he has impacted me heavily for repping The culture.

2. How was this particular selection born? ( Its roots/ some of the featured artists on your list)
There are A Lot of Artists I have on here. I decided to go with a casting approach. In my years of producing, I’ve met a lot of producers who have a lot of talent. I’ve learned a lot of techniques and tips from these producers and have shared dope memories with them. I wanted to give that back and have them on this segment of Bondfire Radio. They held me down for a long time.

3. What are some of the main challenges you find today in finding beats/instrumentals? /How do you navigate through today’s climate online/vinyl etc? Some of the challenges I find in finding beats or instrumentals, well that’s a good question. The main challenge I find is myself honestly. I get caught up in making a lot of stuff and I do see a lot of beats and producers going in when as I’m looking for things. Ohh and the biggest challenge is finding people that have soul in their music. It’s like when I listen, does it strike me in my heart that a producer has taken that careful time to craft their “babies”??? Or do I hear Fisher Price tunes and it sound like someone wants to make a quick sale? Either way is fine but I can tell the difference and I prefer the soul!!!! You can’t fake a feeling you know? That’s the same feeling I take when I’m hunting for a new sample or new tune I go with that “butterfly feeling”

4. How do you see the beat scene/ instrumental scene/ production scene evolving?
Oh man, it’s evolving for the better!!!!! There are the youngsters that are looking to behead everything in sight!!!!! You got the people that are my age range that are getting into their primes artistically and getting it in. Then you have The Sages!! The older cats that are showing all of us how to perfect that clean slice. I really love it!!! The artists need us and we need the artists. It’s a beautiful thing to have an artist take our creations at our craziest emotional levels we’re at. They take that release of ours take it on as their own and resonate with it, Then they take it to a whole nother level and make it into some Beast Creation that cannot be stopped. From the samples to the original and going in and out of it that’s what is making this scene soooo dope!!!! Lastly, having anchors like !llmind, Sound Oracle, too many dope producers to mention, those guys really are crafting sounds for us to use and get busy with!!!!!!

5. What is the most important thing you listen for when you search for new gems?
The most important thing I listen for? That’s another great question because that changes with my mood. I will say nine times out of ten I’m looking for that raw swinging Boom Bap because I come from that era and I love That!!! But when my mood change I wanna hear innovation. Are you using your brains and machines to your fullest capabilities? I wanna hear something crazy, something to make my neck snap off my damn head. Lastly if you are using any style just make it your own and make that joint sound like something people never heard before even if that style was used.


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