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The Manny Faces Show Debuts on Bondfire Radio on 9/11!

11 September 2014 BLOG

mannyfaces_bondfireradioNew York, NY September 11th, 2014 Music journalist and new media polymath Manny Faces conducts conversations with captivating creatives for his new radio/podcast series, The Manny Faces Show, broadcasting biweekly on Thursdays from 8:30PM – 10PM on Bondfire Radio.

Drawing on years of experience covering New York-area entertainment and cultural scenes for multiple media outlets, Manny Faces sits down with fascinating folks from various disciplines in a casual, engaging interview series that shines much-deserved light on some of the world’s most intriguing individuals.

“With this show, I get the chance to really get in-depth, and listen to these stories from these astoundingly creative people, from all walks of life. These people have inspired me along the way, and I’m thrilled to be able to help tell their amazing life stories.”

Manny Faces plans to converse with entertainers, musicians, artists, authors, businesspeople and many other inspirational, intriguing and alluring individuals from multiple industries.