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Tea with Queen & J

Tea with Queen & J

Scheduled on:
Sunday 3:00 pm 4:30 pm
Wednesday 1:00 am 2:30 pm

In a world of racism, misogyny and a plethora of other shenanigans two funny women sit together over tea and try to make the planet better one show at a time. Tea with Queen and J. is a podcast started in 2014 by Queen and Janicia, real life friends who discovered their mutual ability to walk into rooms, fuck shit up and leave whilst smiling. It’s a podcast about politics, pop-culture, social justice and liberation; “We’re Black, we’re from the Bronx, and we’re dope. Our mission is to drink tea and have a good time, but the show is definitely edutainment, and we like that.” Tea with Queen and J. is currently weekly with a new episode released every  Tuesday and airing on Bondfire Radio every Wednesday.



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