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Pitch Makeover @ Bondfire Radio

  • Podcasts: Take the guess work out of the tech. Show up with your script and your guests!
  • Voiceovers: commercial, monologues, demos, spoken word.

$40 per hour (1 hr minimum).

Raw file delivered at end of session.
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  • Mobile recording: Can’t leave the office? Need us to come to you? Say no more.
  • Event Recording: Panels, speeches, live events, concerts,etc.
  • Live Streaming + Recording: Go global and make your content available in real time for those that can’t make it! Stream your special event, speech, podcast, panel, on bondfireradio.com, facebook, or service of your choice.

Hourly, half day and full day rates available.
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Clients include Bondfire Radio affiliates:

Other clients: