Mothers and Radio.

19 March 2014 BLOG

mom20tattoo20handThe first person you interact with before your official arrival on this planet is a woman; your mother. Probably the most intimate relationship with another human being you’ll ever have in life. What really can compare to the time you spent developing into a creature capable of living outside the liquid Dojo you trained in for almost a year? Absolutely nothing. Once you departed from the womb your journey began and chances are from early on you were receiving words to shape and mold you into who you’ve become today.

My mother and I were very close when I was growing up. We had many adventures and shared a lot of great times and some very hard ones as well. I was never discouraged from being creative and if anything, was encouraged to always try new things, even if those things didn’t seem feasible. Basically to not be afraid of taking chances and being told no. Makes me think about Bondfire Radio and how we’ve got this growing family of motivated professionals who’ve taken a chance at doing something that not many people can say they’ve done. Big chance right? How many people do you know personally starting radio stations? Not many, I’m sure.

It being Women’s History Month I felt it necessary to take a moment and reflect on mothers, without them there would be nothing. Definitely, no radio stations.

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