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March is Women’s History Month

12 March 2014 BLOG


March is Women’s History Month and Bondfire Radio is proud to celebrate. We invite you to join us. Did you know that there is a government site devoted to WHM? Visit http://womenshistorymonth.gov/ for articles, images, audio and video documenting women’s historical contributions in a wide range of categories including, the arts, literature, business, civil rights, politics and much more. Keep your eyes on all of our social media feeds as we share daily interesting content about women from all walks of life – the important things they have done to shape the world we live in and are doing to improve our future.

We couldn’t have a station without the intelligence, talent and spirit of all the women who are involved with the daily operations of Bondfire Radio. From board to on air personalities and all staff included we say thank you for your hard work and determination, taking a simple idea and helping bring it to fruition. To quote the late Tupac Shakur, “You are appreciated”.