Programs & Broadcast Times

Tranquil Beats: Chill beats to start and end your day.
M-F 9-10am ET / 8am CT / 6am PT &
12am-1am ET / 11pm CT/ 9pm PT

Archive: Stream only

Minista & Coach: Press Play every Monday for live conversations about mental wellness.

Mondays 10-1130am ET / 9am CT / 7am PT
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Live Replays: Fridays 10-1130am EST
The Wonderful World of Carminelitta
A precisely curated playlist of the latest international Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and instrumentals.

Mondays 1130am-1230pm ET / 1030am CT / 930am PT
#WWOC #teamBondfire

Live Replays: Saturday 1230am ET
First Hand Bids Itself
Santo Voodoo and Remick talk across the board to the people! Having conversations that cut across class, culture and lifestyles.

Wednesday 6-8pm ET / 5pm CT / 3pm PT
#firsthandbidsitself #teamBondfire

Live Replays: Mondays 1230pm ET
Mama Tanya After Dark
No Bullshit. Dead Ass – Straight Conversations with Mama Tanya, friends and Special Guests.

Thursdays 10-1130pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT
#MamaTanyaAfterDark #teamBondfire

Live Replays:
Friday Feeling
Music and pop up conversations with the Conscious, the Music Super.

Fridays 11:30am – 1:30pm ET / 10:30am CT / 8:30am PT
#MusicDiscovery #TheMusicSuper #teamBondfire

Dolo Presents…
A weekly themed mix show paying homage to your favorites in Hip Hop and their favorites.

Fridays 130-3pm ET / 1230pm CT / 1030am PT

#DoloPresents #teamBondfire

Live Replays: Saturday 130pm ET
Both Sides of The Surface
The warm up before the turn up. Transmissions from Camp Lo-fi with Macedonia.
Fridays 830-10pm ET / 730pm CT / 530pm PT
#bsots #teamBondfire
Live Replays: Wednesday 1130am ET